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Today will be a busy day in Fredo Blog World.  For my own sanity I figured I’d keep a running news feed.  🙂

His appointment was at 9:30, and the vet tech from last week’s CT scan said she spoke with all the surgery techs and let them know that Fredo rules, and he’ll let you do almost anything if you let him hide his face haha.  True story.  But she is so sweet.. IN FACT, we got a card in the mail over the weekend from her (photo attached below).  I don’t care if they do that for every animal.. I’m going to believe that she doesn’t because he’s so awesome.

Our new vet tech brought us back, got some background info (I feel like I could recite this in my sleep now), and then the surgeon came in.  We had a choice of two surgeons, and this one was a diplomate and board-certified, which I think I mentioned already, and I really like fancy titles so I was glad it worked out that he was on the schedule today.  He gave us some reassurances about Fredo’s recovery and told us more nitty gritty details about the actual procedure.  He said he prefers to remove the leg from the hip because it’s a little cleaner, and then he’ll do some work reshaping the muscle down there so Fredo can keep his little kitty booty.  In general, I felt very good about this conversation.

And then the fun part, the estimate!  As I expected, the “hindlimb amputation” was only about $750, and the rest of the care (meds, blood work, etc) drove up our cost QUITE a bit.  But he will be on some good meds for the next 36 hours or so, and he should be able to come home Wednesday morning.  My plan is to pick up some of his normal food and bring it over.  He is the pickiest eater.. only recently has he started eating treats (but only Greenies), he will not eat any wet food.. just Purina chicken and rice.  He also occasionally will chow down on some random dental floss (that’s another story entirely) or the plastic hang-y things from my shirts and dresses.  But in general, it’s the Purina.  So, they recommended dropping off some food for him so that he has a better chance of eating while he’s there, since generally cats don’t like to eat in the hospital anyway.

SO–bottom line.  Fredo is going into surgery today around 1, they expect he’ll be done after an hour or two, and like I said, he’ll be there for a day or two.  The plan is to bring him home Wednesday (4/1) morning, so we have a little bit of time to prep a good recovery space for him.  Unfortunately his sister may have to keep her distance so she doesn’t get him up and running too much.  We always figure she keeps him young.. so there’s a good chance that when the time comes, she’ll be just what he needs to get back on his feet and functioning normal.

One big special shout-out to my husband for loving this guy as much as I do.  If I met any resistance when it came to cost or care for Fredo, this would be infinitely harder.  But we have agreed that we’ll work extra hard to make sure Fredo gets what he needs.  It helps to have a partner through this.

More later….. xoxo.

The awkward moment I'm not sure if I should smile while discussing kiddo's amputation.. but it is what it is.

The awkward moment I’m not sure if I should smile while discussing kiddo’s amputation.. but it is what it is.

He saw a dog.. temporarily distracted him from a lack of food.

He saw a dog.. temporarily distracted him from a lack of food.

A sweet note from our vet tech!  <3

A sweet note from our vet tech! <3

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  • rica55 says:

    ohhhh best of luck Fredo and family!!! I feel like this was just yesterday for us!!!!….$750 is a pretty good price!! I think Jill’s was 1k, again we’re in NYC, so lots more expensive here and with the overnight stays and pain meds, etc. I think our total bill came to just under $2200.
    Please keep us posted!!!
    Erica & Tripawd Jilly

  • Codie Rae says:

    Sending you and Fredo all our Lucky 13 tripawd love and strength!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

  • kazann says:

    I hope all goes well. My cat Mona was given kitten food after her amputation and she LOVED it! She will only eat what my other cat eats, won’t eat treats, hates Greenies, but when the vet (who took her home overnight) gave her the canned kitten food she thought she was pretty special. I think she would have moved in with the vet and his family if she had a choice.

    Good to hear you got a decent price for the amputation. In my mind any follow up calls should be included in that price so check that out also.

    Kerren and Trikitty Mona

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