Day 2 at home

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Nothing terribly new over here.   He smells.. I’m fairly sure that he’s peeing on himself because he doesn’t have two hind legs to crouch in the litter box.  I don’t really know what sort of adjustments cats make for this kind of situation, but I’m sure he’ll get more comfortable eventually.  In all honesty, the litter box is sort of small, so he gets in there and spins in circles until something feels right.  Maybe a bigger box would be helpful.  But, at the end of it all, he’s using it, so it is what it is, for now.  He is apparently desperate to use his normal litter box, he just goes over there and sits in front of the door.  Tomorrow I might buy some more “tripawd-safe” litter and just swap that litter out so I don’t have to block him out.

I ordered some waterless cat foam shampoo-y stuff which Amazon says will be delivered before 8pm tonight (I’m in AZ–they have an hour!) so maybe he’ll let me get close enough to use that on him.  The doc recommended cold compresses for three days (followed by warm compresses after that) and so far that has been wildly unsuccessful.  He’s like, get away woman.  Leave me to lay here on the rug.  Or that’s what I imagine he’s saying.  I ordered some cat shampoo towelettes too, because I’m lazy and get everything from Amazon.  Those should be on their way soon.

I also got the cloud collar, as you can see from the picture below.  I swear he’s happier.. it sure is nice having that peripheral vision.  I’m keeping an eye on it though, I don’t want to worry about it popping off when we’re not around or being too uncomfortable for him to rest.  He’s not really able to get his face to the ground to sleep like he is with the cone.  It’s an experiment, for now.  It is just air so it might serve as a fairly comfortable pillow.

I took a video earlier, but it ended with him doing awkward litter box circles and stumbling quite a bit and I felt bad.  Then it felt like a rather private moment, so I’ll get another video another time.  People were impressed with the video of his walking yesterday, that was cute.  He is so far a very great success story.  However, I am very much looking forward to the day that we can remove the cones/collars and he can clean himself, and his butt fur grows back.  It is incredible how thick cats’ coats are!  I know that sounds dumb, but here in AZ, people always say that cats can’t get stung by scorpions because the hair is too dense.. I totally get it.  That is another lesson learned for the past few days.  🙂

By the way, if we have any Instagrammers, I have commandeered the hashtag #tripawdfredo, I’ll be posting pics under that tag from time to time rather than going totally crazy over here.  xoxo

Wants the old litter box real bad!

Wants the old litter box real bad!

Cloud collar is a success, so far..??

Cloud collar is a success, so far..??

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  • Codie Rae says:

    Ah, the donut approach. We have one of those. Nice thing is it doubles as a pillow once ya get used to it.


    • Jaime says:

      Any problems with it coming off? I don’t think he’s all that motivated to try to get out of it, which might be a good sign. Harder for him to lay down though, I think.

  • benny55 says:

    Fredo, you sure don look cute in your donut! I know you don’t like it, but you sure wear it well!

    Can’t be anynhelp with the lotter vox challenges. He’ll work it out though.

    And yeah…I LOVE AMAZON! You really can find everything and hsve it all delivered to your door! I’m sure they have litter boxes!

    Day by day Fredo will get his sparkle back bit by bit.

    And we love seeing pictures here!! I don’t do” Instsgram and have no idea how to use it…so you have to post pics here!!! You’re proud of Fredo…and deservedly so! Telling his story helps other perspective kitty owners facing this journey!

    Extra catnip for Fredo tonight!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • kazann says:

    After trying to set up everything just right for Mona she chose to do things differently. Initially I kept her in a room where she slept under a shelf in a closet. I also slept in the same room and she cuddled up with me on the second night and every night after that. Mona loves to be groomed so she liked the warm wash cloth on her. Perhaps you can lay down beside Fredo and when he’s sleeping to apply the compresses.

    I agree to let him use his regular litter box. There’s too much change going on for Fredo so it must be a bit disconcerting. You might want to give him some time in his regular space. On one of Mona’s escapes she ran to the patio door. I realized she just wanted to look outside so I left her there, supervised of course. She finally curled up and fell asleep and my other cat supervised her.

    Good luck in making Fredo smell sweet.


    • nicholasandcompany says:

      After his surgery, Nick was obsessed with escaping from his pen so that he could sneak into the kitchen and sleep in the lazy Susan. I finally caved, and we were ALL much happier. 🙂

    • Jaime says:

      The waterless foam shampoo was such a good smell! Haha. I actually think he found it calming (here I am again, assuming to read the cat’s mind.. but whatever). He loves the patio door too! In his 4-legged life, he really liked wandering around our backyard. I can’t convert our kiddos to indoor/outdoor cats because it makes me nervous LOL.. but I don’t mind letting them wander for a half hour or so. Once he’s more steady on his feet and healed I’ll probably give him some more time outside. For now, he gets the patio door.

  • Tina says:

    I’m sorry that I missed the beginning of Fredo’s story (I’m not sure what happened ), but I have a beautiful 16 year old named Bouche’. I discovered he had osteosarcoma in October 2013, and he had to have that right front limb amputated. It was an AGONIZING decision to make, even though I already had adopted a tripawd cat (she had been run over), and I knew she did just fine. I just hated putting his sweet soul through it. Bouche’is still here and very happy. Fredo will be fine. Hang in there 🙂

    • Jaime says:

      Aww thanks! This has actually been such a quick process already.. he had surgery 6 days after the recommendation. It’s been nice to have less time to stress about it, actually. Now we’re just trying to get through recovery as smoothly as possible. So far so good!

  • nicholasandcompany says:

    Nick also had issues with the litter box in the beginning. In his case, they improved pretty quickly as he was weaned off of some of his meds and adapted to using the litter box on three legs. I did end up having to buy larger boxes with taller sides because he had trouble maneuvering around the box early on, and sometimes things would end up just outside the box. Our biggest issue was that he’s a forelimb amputee, and he loves to dig in the litter box (and attempt to bury everything within a five mile radius afterwards). After the surgery, he would get very frustrated and often fell over while attempting to dig or circle in the box. (I think it was the most upsetting part of the process for him.) It took a few months, but he eventually devised a system where he’ll dig a small hole with his remaining limb, and then he stands over it and continues “digging” with the missing limb (you can see the muscles working as though the leg were actually still there), sometimes for minutes at a time, until he is satisfied that things are sufficiently “buried”. Whatever works, I suppose? 😉

    When I switched to the larger boxes, I just started making them available before I got rid of the smaller ones. Nick and the other cats all wound up preferring the bigger ones, so the transition ended up being very easy.

    • Jaime says:

      This morning we let him out of the crate (I do love the crate for sleeping peace of mind!) while we were getting ready for work, and he ended up hiding in a corner of our closet. Cute 🙂 I think after a week we might consider leaving him in one of the bedrooms during the day so he has a little more room to stretch out. I just want a solid week of rest though! Cats are funny. I’m glad your kiddo adapted well to the box. They’re both used to their little domed box so we may just need to play around with some different options.

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