Day 3

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Hi all,

So three days since surgery, and Fredo is progressing well, I think.  I assume his incision is healing.  The stitches are intact and there’s no weird redness or swelling.  His walking looks good, and we have dropped him to two doses of pain medication (every 12 hours) which seems to be working really well.  He’s been much more vocal today, although his “talking” does seem like yelling, if that were possible.  Or like a cranky old grandpa.  Anyway, I’m cool with it.

Oh, so we were told one of the side effects of the Buprenex is constipation, so we haven’t been terribly bent out of shape about him not going #2 since he’s been home..  but remember his displeasure with his tiny litter boxes… today he got into the laundry room and before we found him, he’d hopped into his old box, spun around a few times, squatted and did his biz!  My husband and I literally high-fived, and then took a moment to wonder how this was our life.. HAHA.  We don’t have kids yet, but I imagine there are a few moments like that coming up once we do.  Yikes.

But seriously.. yay!  I was worried about the logistics of the #2-ing, like how does one get enough leverage with only one leg?  But he did just fine.  Even dug a hole before he started.  And then he jumped out of that box with the most spring in his step that I’ve seen thus far.  And now it becomes very aware that I must go buy newspaper litter like, TONIGHT.  So, that’s the plan.

The cloud collar was worth the investment (of $12, so not exactly the most expensive endeavor for us lately, Fredo-wise).  I think most of his problem with the e-collar was that it was so much work to turn his head to see things (because it involved turning his whole body), and now he’s able to turn his head like a normal guy.  🙂

We have four doses of medication left, which will bring us to Saturday morning.  Hopefully at that point we don’t have too many issues with pain??  I hope.  We are finally really good at squirting that stuff into the cheek.  He’s probably like, WOOHOO this is so much better than last time.

Side note – we bought a “Love Glove” which is just a cat brush that you wear, and Fredo was pretty indifferent about it, but Daphne loooooved it.  Plus we got a ton of fur off her with it.  Just fyi if your cats typically don’t like brushes.

No exciting Fredo pictures today, since sadly I was not able to ambush him with a camera while he was in his litter box (ha), but here are a couple pics anyway.


Daphne, for good measure.

Daphne, for good measure.

Enjoying his post at the patio door

Enjoying his post at the patio door


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  • benny55 says:

    Daphne, you are a very pretty and well groomed girl.

    FREDO! YAAAAAAAAAY FOR POOP!!! Really nice digs you have for a commode!!

    I do know frommother cats on here that they don t seem to need the m lain meds as long as dogs (usually about two weeks for dogs). But you can always check with the vet if it seems the pain ks still there and get him another prescription.

    Good job Fredo! Keep up the good life!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • jerry says:

    Aww those are great pics! Love em. Hope you don’t mind but I’d like to put them in our Tripawds photo gallery.

    I hope today is going well and you don’t need any more pain meds. Sounds like things are right on schedule, including the pooping! And yes, ALL of us here celebrate the first turd. I know, bizarre but true!!!

    Keep up the great recovery and attitude, you’re all doing fine.

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