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Hi there,

Not too much going on over here.  Our big guy has one dose of his Buprenex left.  I tapered him down… randomly, I work for a prescription insurance management company, and one big part of my job is assisting pharmacists in implementing taper schedules for some of our members who are on high doses of meds (usually narcotics).  So, when my vet was like, three times a day and then he’s done!  I was like, hold on, this is buprenorphine.. we’re going to take it easy.  I know, I’m not a vet, but in my head I was thinking, let’s ease him out of this.  When I’m not working, I’m a counseling student so the psychological side of me was like, he’ll like this better…  Anywayyy.. with that said, I dropped him to every 12 hours at first, and now it’s been about 22ish hours since his last dose.  He has one left, so we’ll give him that before bedtime and hope that he doesn’t struggle too much when there are no more doses.

He does seem to be better once he’s had more time between doses.  Case in point, I was just chilling here on the couch, and he jumped up onto my recliner foot rest thingie.  This is his usual spot when we’re watching tv, he likes to hang out near us.  He has not shown any real affection since pre-surgery so the fact that he wanted to sit near us was a win!  Not to mention, he JUMPED up here.. his back leg is such a champ.   (see picture #1)

His new thing is to hide out in the farthest corner of our closet that he can manage, hidden behind some stuff.  He was there at bedtime last night until we pulled him out today around 6pm, so LOTS of rest for his little body.  His incision looks so good.  During the last procedure when he had the bump removed from his ankle, it got swollen with liquid that we had to drain, and that just freaked me out. I was convinced it was infected and he would die from it.. LOL.  In this case, the surgeon actually said that this may happen and it’s normal, but so far there’s nothing.  I was told it is a result of muscles rubbing together and liquid forming underneath the surface, so it’s generally not a big deal.  But nevertheless, if we can avoid it, that is ideal for me.  And I think initially there was some bruising near his incision site, that seems to be gone.. the incision has no weird crusty stuff and no redness.  I’m pretty happy with our ability to get this guy healed!  The recovery the last two times just wasn’t as smooth as I’d wanted, so that’s why I was worried this time.  I added a picture (picture #3) of the closet setup… when we were out, we pushed the crate up against the closet door so that he wouldn’t have TOO much roaming room, but also so we didn’t have to lock him in the crate while we were gone.  One of our unframed wedding pictures served as a barrier because in my neurotic head, I imagined him trying to jump over the crate.  Unlikely, but whatever..

I took the picture of him (#2) in the litter box (I removed the lid to make it easier for him) because he just looked so funny staring at the ceiling.  I feel like if he could talk and see things on the internet he’d be like, UMM HELLO, untag me please.  But, on that note, I did swap out the litter for giant pine-y pellets which didn’t thrill him at first, but oh well.  Life goes on, buddy!  He is so stinking graceful getting into that box though.  Once his first two feet are in, he’s able to push off that back leg and somehow make it look smooth.  Impressive.  Cats are just remarkable.. or maybe that’s true for all animals?

Last picture is Fredo with some flowers from his human grandparents.  I imagined something much cuter; instead he was like, I’m really thirsty…. that is all.

I shall return with many exciting stories of non-medicated cats.. actually I’m pretty sure we’ll have more of the same updates until his stitches are out (April 15) and he can start increasing his activity a bit.  Still, I’ll probably at least come back with some pictures before then.  I’ll try to get an updated picture of his incision when he’s not adorably comfortable next to me.  🙂

The pictures are out of order, and I am not motivated enough to fix them (when I get good at this blogging thing, I’ll add the pictures IN the text so it’s not like a giant clump of pictures at the end).  You get it though!









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  • kazann says:

    Everything sounds great! I love the meditative look they have in the litter box. One of my cats Eli has the exact same look and when he’s done he comes out and tells me all about it. Perhaps they are thinking about world peace?

    Staple/stitch removal day is the very best day. When I got Mona home I took her out on to the sunny patio and she rolled around, stretched and fell asleep. That’s when I knew I had my Mona back.

    Kerren and Tripawd Mona

  • Codie Rae says:

    Yup, uneventful is good!I love Fredo’s tiny donut! Fredo seems to have the right idea–sleeping his way through recovery ;). Keep posting, even if nothing is much going on, your posts about Fredo are always entertaining 🙂

    Codie Rae

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