Cats don’t care.

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Here is something I’ve learned throughout this process.  Cat owners may have the very best intentions of letting their kiddos rest after surgery, but then we start to feel bad.  And I think to myself, he should have a little more room to move, I doubt he’ll do too much anyway.

No.  This is not correct.  I talked about the closet thing the other day… basically, whenever we’re upstairs, he slinks off into the far corner of the closet and stays there until nature calls or he’s hungry.  As a result, we’ve had to push the crate up against the closet door (which I posted a picture of).  The other night we did not do that, and instead just closed our bedroom door, which was fine until our other kiddo meowed until we let her out.. so I barricaded the door with some things with the hope that she’d be able to get back in, but he wouldn’t be able to get out.  This is like a 3am brainstorm session on barricading, mind you..

So, no surprise then when I heard the whole thing fall down and a galloping cat go down the hall.  Daphne was next to me, which means Fredo was apparently the galloper.  He ended up in another bedroom down the hall, and we’re like, well what the crap.  Apparently he’s pretty quick on his feet.  I’ve also mentioned how he always wants to use the big litter box, which is downstairs.. so we thought, maybe he wants to go down there.  But before we could pick him up, he just went down the stairs while we stood at the top and freaked out.

Soooo… cats don’t care.  I think that’s what I’ve always liked about cats anyway (cat person through and through), they do their own thing.  He didn’t want the litter box though, so after a few minutes we put him back in his crate house, and he stayed there for about 18 hours.. seriously.  We opened it up and were like, hey, come out.  Nope.  He was standing firm in his defiance LOL.

He did come out eventually though, and I brought him downstairs.  Pre-surgery, one of his spots was on our chaise lounge on the couch (we would joke that it’s a good thing we got a couch with a chaise lounge, for Fredo), and I saw him walking toward that and decided to see how it went for him.  I don’t think it was necessarily easy, but he pretty smoothly jumped up there and got comfortable.  But then his OTHER spot is the back of the couch, so he gave that a shot a little later with pretty minimal effort.  Good stuff!  Two pics ahead… I swear I haven’t seen him as relaxed thus far as he is in that second picture.  Cracks me up.

Our regular vet also called to check up on him.. the office where the surgery was actually performed has not called.  I’m not trying to be a whiner about it, but I am surprised.  I’m used to the smaller office, I suppose.  But at least that guy did call to see how recovery was going.  I can’t complain.. it’s all going well.

I can’t believe a week ago today I was a nervous wreck in the vet’s office.  This has been a really fast week, comparably.. the last two recoveries felt like they were dragging.  I think that’s the e-collar’s fault.  Cloud Collar for the win!  Happy Monday everyone!


Couch nap

Couch nap

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  • Michael Lopour says:

    Fantastic! He looks like a badass morning glory with the cloud collar.

  • benny55 says:

    No…not GOOD pictures…..GREAT PICTURES!!!

    You are one spu ky and determined kitth Fredo!! And thst kind of spunk is a real plus on this journey!! Nothing’s holding Fredo back!

    Lpve the pics!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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