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Hey there,

First, I realized yesterday that my posts are going up on the Tripawds Facebook page.. ha!  I am sorry if it seems like I’m inundating the world with my cat updates, but I love you all for the input and support, so I’m only a tiny bit sorry.  Thought it was funny though that one of the preview pictures on the Facebook post just showed me and no cat HAHA.

I had the thought that I’d get some new videos of the little man to show the world what’s up with his walking.  I feel it is a bit more deliberate since the medication stopped, but he does occasionally surprise me with some speed (like when he doesn’t want me to pick him up–whatever, man).  I do think the collar impedes him a bit too.  Anyway, I took the first video and he just stopped and stared/meowed at me.  The second video I got a few more steps captured.  Eh.  I will try again later, but here they are anyway:

I won’t even apologize for the messiness of our house.  We just have water bowls and litter boxes all over the place (and shammy thingies for when I spill-ha).

Also, I took a look at his incision (INCISION WARNING! lol) and some of the stitches are very loose.  He can’t reach it with the collar, we’ve tested this out.. so our theory is that maybe some swelling went down and that’s why they look looser?  The incision itself looks 97% good, there is a weird bubbly spot that bugs me a little, but in general it seems to be healing well.  And his little fur is coming through!

Incision comparison (top: 3/30, bottom 4/6)

Incision comparison (top: 3/30, bottom 4/6)


That is all from me!  Have a lovely Tuesday.  🙂

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  • rica55 says:

    He is looking GREAT!!! I still find that Jill sometimes does that “deliberate” looking walk…depends ….if she is coming for treats, she’s fairly speedy, but most of the time shes a little deliberate in her ways.

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