Oncology update

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Okaaay so I took my vet’s advice and reached out to his recommended oncologist, who has no availability for new clients until MAY 2ND.  GAH.  The guy I spoke with said that they will request the medical records from the two offices we have visited, and if there’s an urgent need, they will move his appointment up.  Of course, I am like YOU MUST SEE HIM NOW, IT’S SPREADING.. but I am no professional, so I’ll just chill and see what happens.  Maybe I should call the surgeon and ask him to write a note about how dire the need for an oncology appointment is.  Ehhh.  Whatever, we’ll see what happens.

As I said before, Fredo has been living between the closet and the big dog crate.  Guess what big dog crates have?  HOLES.  I assume this particular hole (about 8 inches long by 6 inches tall?  maybe) is to put food in for dogs when they’re in there, or something.  Who knows.. either way, I figured that hole was not cat-sized in this particular case because Fredo has a pretty hefty cloud collar on.  But, it turns out, when a cat BACKS OUT of said hole, the collar comes off, and the cat is home free!  HA.  I can only laugh.. animals crack me up.  So, I was half asleep while he managed this Houdini maneuver, and I looked down at the side of the bed and saw my tripawd kitty with no cloud collar, just trying to get my attention.  He was so stinking cute and affectionate, I gave him approximately three minutes with no cloud collar.  If it hadn’t been almost 11pm I would have maybe let him chill without it for a little bit.  He does not leave stitches alone though without a collar or cone on, so the unfortunate reality for that guy is that he is living with the collar for another week.  But, man.  Totally different cat!  It was like he loved me again.

OH.  I should also mention, we decided to put him in the crate and push it up against the wall so that he couldn’t use the sneaky hole.  This worked until he stood in the litter box and danced around (aka made as much noise as he could) trying to find another escape method.  I looked over there and he was BITING THE BARS.  We ended up closing our bedroom door (much to Daphne’s disapproval) and set him up with a blanket in the corner, and he happily plopped down there and continued to try to lick his tail, and when that didn’t work, he just licked the collar.  He did this intermittently all night.  I hate that noise.  I was so tired this morning.  Cats are supposed to be the low maintenance pets.  🙂

Anyway, enough cat shenanigans.  I’ll hear from the oncologist’s office hopefully tomorrow but probably Friday, so we’ll have a better idea of where we’re going next with the kiddo.

Just one picture today!  He joined me on the recliner, again.. But this time he was laying on the incision and you can’t even tell he has three legs.  I felt this was positive in terms of evaluating pain.  I probably wouldn’t lay on a painful incision, so I’m assuming he wouldn’t either.  Good signs!



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  • Codie Rae says:

    Bwahahaha! Fredo’s recovery seems to be going exceedingly well if he is keeping you up all night! Glad to hear it but hoping you get a better nights sleep tonight!
    Codie Rae

    • Jaime says:

      LOL thanks. I think you’re right! Last night we left him out (in our closed bedroom) and he was fine. Slept in a pair of my husband’s pants. Such a weirdo! Hahaha

  • rica55 says:

    ugh I feel your frustration. Jill’s oncologist did not have an appointment for us until 3 weeks after her surgery. I was so disappointed – I wanted to get started PRONTO and get whatever cancer cells MIGHT still be in her OUT….a lot of vets want you to wait until 2 weeks after surgery (not all, but some) until they start chemo anyway.
    Good luck and keep us posted!

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