Two weeks post-amputation

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Not a whole lot to update, two weeks after the surgery.  I remember when I brought him home that I was pretty freaked out.  He smelled weird, he had a very fresh incision, he was grumpy and drugged.. I didn’t want to hold him or deal with him much.  This isn’t meant to sound mean or insensitive, but I was pretty stressed so I just left him in the crate for the most part (which he was fine with and I think that healing time was valuable), even occasionally when I was home.  As the drugs came off and he was a little more clear-headed, we saw a lot more progress, and of course his personality came through a lot more.

We started to let him expand his boundaries a little bit.  He lived in the closet for a few days, and then we upgraded him to a smaller room (with just an armchair, so no risk of jumping).  This past Friday I decided to see how he handled the stairs, and he’s fine.  So he’s had free reign of the house for a few days.  I am only okay with this because his incision looks great and is not showing any sign of distress.  So even with that considered, it did seem like he was self-regulating pretty well.  His sister is still kinda weirded out by him (and the collar), so no risk of them playing too aggressively.  He still stayed close to his bed.  All good signs.  He’s very frequently laying on the incision side… we joke that maybe it’s more comfortable, not having to lay on the leg (that probably hurt him pre-surgery, honestly).  Plus even us humans know that it’s awkward to lay with an arm pinned underneath us, so there’s that.  🙂

No call from the oncologist office, so I’m assuming that means they do not believe his case is urgent enough to be seen before May 2.  I will try to sleep easy with the assurance that they are the professionals here.

A few pictures from the weekend.  His walking is honestly about the same.  I will get some more once the collar is off because I swear he’s a different guy without it.

Edited to add–we haven’t had any smell issues lately.  People think I’m joking or being rude when I say he’s functioning like an actual tripod, but he does.  He puts his two front legs farther apart to help out his back leg, and as a result, he’s not having as many issues peeing on himself.  This is a win.  Yay!

Happy Monday!



Chilling in "his" bedroom

Chilling in “his” bedroom

Collar break.  I love this picture.. so handsome.

Collar break. I love this picture.. so handsome.

Ignore my ghostface, but more exciting was the purr-y laptime I got with the big guy.

Ignore my ghostface, but more exciting was the purr-y laptime I got with the big guy.

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  • jerry says:

    OH Fredo, between you and Jill, you two made my Monday morning! Fredo I think you and Jill need to meet and marry, don’t you? What a couple!

    Anyhoo, glad there’s nothing to report. Fredo is a fabulous patient.

    By the way, it couldn’t hurt to check in with the onco, just in case. It’s best to be proactive when it comes to cancer treatment, so if you have any concerns or you can’t sleep becuase you wonder what they’re doing over there, give them a call, that’s why you pay them.

    Smooches to Fredo!!! Thanks for the update.

  • benny55 says:

    That face!!! Sooooo adorable!!! I love this kitty!!

    Fredo, you are doing great! You are a very smart boy to be able to self-regulate yourself! And I know you don’t like that collar, but blue is your color and you do wear it well!

    Thanks for the great update! And HAPPY TWO WEEK AMPUVERSARY FREDO!! Keep in rockin’! We’re cheering for you!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • Codie Rae says:

    Woohoo Fredo!! We second that, Happy Hippy Hoppy 2 week ampuversary Fredo! No news is good news, thats what we like to hear!

    Codie Rae and the OP

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