No stitches! No collar!

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Exciting day in Fredo’s world…

First, let me explain the last few days.  We’ve been occasionally taking the collar off the kiddo if he comes to hang out on our laps, since we’re able to monitor his licking behavior… he has been LOVING the opportunity to clean himself up and basically just grooms for like hours.  It’s excessive.  But also very cat-like.. haha.  So most of the time when he’s been doing this, he’s laying on the incision side, no biggie, but then he’ll go just sit and chill.  And then he would go for the stitches, and we would say noooo… and this would happen 12 times.  Then he would stop and be like, oh I get it.  BUT he’d wait for us to lower our guard a bit and then turn and YANK on the stitches.  This would happen in the span of about .3 seconds.  FAST little bugger.  Of course, the collar goes immediately back on when this happens, and then he’d sit there and avoid all eye contact or not give any sign that he was acknowledging our existence.  Stubborn..

Last night when this happened, I jumped up, he jumped up and RAN out of the bedroom and down the stairs.  And I got to him on the stairs, and he RAN back up.. so, he is very capable, is my point.

Anyway this is all sort of an irrelevant story these days because he is out of the collar and out of the cone as of this morning.  We had a 10-minute visit to the vet (which I wish I could have explained to him because he meowed in great distress both on the way there and the way home–chill, little dude) and the stitches were removed, and the doc said the incision is healed and looks great.  He also said, “He is a normal kitty again.”  Aww.  So, no more weird litter, he can go wherever he wants, lick wherever he wants.. etc.  Wooo!

To celebrate, a video and a couple pictures.

The good life.

The good life.

Stitch-less incision.. a little dirty but I imagine he'll fix that.

Stitch-less incision.. a little dirty but I imagine he’ll fix that.


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