Fredo and the stairs

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Happy Friday everyone,

Fredo is as close to pre-amputation Fredo as he can be, I think.  He is going back to so many of his old behaviors, it’s really great to see.  He was even playing and running around with Daphne yesterday and keeping up with her really well.  Of course, he has a big naked behind still, but that’s growing in slooowly.

I got a video of him on the stairs, finally.  It isn’t great and he wasn’t super cooperative (shocker) but I still think it’s cute.  Enjoy!

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  • benny55 says:

    YAAAAAAAAAY FOR FREDO!!! Great video!!! Great update!!!

    Heck, just getting a cat to come to you when called is a miracle in itself!!

    Cannot believe h ow he flies up those stairs!!!!

    Extra catnip for Fredo…and Daphne too! Good job mom!!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too

  • kazann says:

    You will be surprised, Fredo will continue to develop his tripawd techniques and become more Fredo than he ever was. Over the 10 months since Mona’s amputation she continues to surprise me with new, smart moves and behaviours. A couple of example are jumping up steps sideways, walking backwards on ledges. To train her to jump down to steps/boxes I’d use a treat. Now she thinks if she runs and jumps up on a box and sits there then she’ll get a kibble. Hmmmm, who trained whom?

    Kerren and Trainer Mona

  • jerry says:

    You did it! YAAAY! OMG Love this. Adding it to our playlist, thank you!

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