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Day 2 at home

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Nothing terribly new over here.   He smells.. I’m fairly sure that he’s peeing on himself because he doesn’t have two hind legs to crouch in the litter box.  I don’t really know what sort of adjustments cats make for this kind of situation, but I’m sure he’ll get more comfortable eventually.  In all honesty, the litter box is sort of small, so he gets in there and spins in circles until something feels right.  Maybe a bigger box would be helpful.  But, at the end of it all, he’s using it, so it is what it is, for now.  He is apparently desperate to use his normal litter box, he just goes over there and sits in front of the door.  Tomorrow I might buy some more “tripawd-safe” litter and just swap that litter out so I don’t have to block him out.

I ordered some waterless cat foam shampoo-y stuff which Amazon says will be delivered before 8pm tonight (I’m in AZ–they have an hour!) so maybe he’ll let me get close enough to use that on him.  The doc recommended cold compresses for three days (followed by warm compresses after that) and so far that has been wildly unsuccessful.  He’s like, get away woman.  Leave me to lay here on the rug.  Or that’s what I imagine he’s saying.  I ordered some cat shampoo towelettes too, because I’m lazy and get everything from Amazon.  Those should be on their way soon.

I also got the cloud collar, as you can see from the picture below.  I swear he’s happier.. it sure is nice having that peripheral vision.  I’m keeping an eye on it though, I don’t want to worry about it popping off when we’re not around or being too uncomfortable for him to rest.  He’s not really able to get his face to the ground to sleep like he is with the cone.  It’s an experiment, for now.  It is just air so it might serve as a fairly comfortable pillow.

I took a video earlier, but it ended with him doing awkward litter box circles and stumbling quite a bit and I felt bad.  Then it felt like a rather private moment, so I’ll get another video another time.  People were impressed with the video of his walking yesterday, that was cute.  He is so far a very great success story.  However, I am very much looking forward to the day that we can remove the cones/collars and he can clean himself, and his butt fur grows back.  It is incredible how thick cats’ coats are!  I know that sounds dumb, but here in AZ, people always say that cats can’t get stung by scorpions because the hair is too dense.. I totally get it.  That is another lesson learned for the past few days.  🙂

By the way, if we have any Instagrammers, I have commandeered the hashtag #tripawdfredo, I’ll be posting pics under that tag from time to time rather than going totally crazy over here.  xoxo

Wants the old litter box real bad!

Wants the old litter box real bad!

Cloud collar is a success, so far..??

Cloud collar is a success, so far..??

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Little video

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Here’s a video of the kiddo.  Getting around really well!  Nowhere to go but up, big guy!  Also, I have committed a grievous error by recording this video vertically.  My husband must have been feeling nice today and didn’t make fun of me for it–one of his pet peeves.  Ha!  That’s completely off-topic.  (Side note, I just asked him why he didn’t say anything about it, and he said he didn’t realize, and now we’re debating why it’s a natural way to film on a phone.. ANYWAY…)

A good first day for our buddy.  He fought me going into the crate house, but apparently when I wasn’t home, he went in there on his own to relax when the door was open.  Cute!

Good night, lovely people!