Two cats, chemo, and the phantom limb

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Hiiii all,

I was remembering how I used to post several times a day in my distress because this tripawd situation was so new and weird and horrible for me.  I credit this blog and community with helping me stay sane through all of this.  I can only hope that eventually someone finds some level of comfort from my experiences.

Kiddo goes back tomorrow for round three.. already almost halfway!  This has gone pretty quick.  I just hope that once the six rounds are completed, we’re done and the cancer will be a thing of the past!

I saw a post on the Tripawds Facebook page inquiring about how cats recover from surgery when there are other cats in the house.  As I’ve shown, we have two kiddos, and they have always had a physical play relationship.  Additionally, we have stairs.  My second question to the vet was, “how do they do with stairs?”  and he said, “just fine!”  Seriously all the optimism in the early stages of this process was enough to make me skeptical.  Go figure.  But, they were all correct.

My advice for IMMEDIATELY after surgery: stick your kiddo in a large crate with all necessary amenities (food, litter, bed).  Limit their movement til the stitches are out.  THEN… their kitty siblings will help them get back to a more comfortable level of activity.  Alfredo is basically the exact same as he was before.

Now–regarding chemo.  After round two, he threw up daily for a week.  Then my husband and I went out of town (scheduled months ago), and my aunt said she’d stop in to see them while we were gone.  I was concerned because I don’t think anyone else should have to clean up our cat’s puke, ha.  LUCKILY he only had one puking incident while we were gone, and since then it’s been only twice, so I feel this is okay.  As I’ve said many times–he’s always been a puker.  I chalk it up to his nervous personality.

OKAY–PHANTOM LIMB TIME.  OMG.  I saw this cat four hours after surgery when he smelled like pee and medication and vet office and had a yucky bloody incision, and he hobbled over to me, and this was sad but encouraging.  I mean, if you have an aversion to stitches (which I sometimes do), it could have been a terrible experience.

Do you know what’s worse?  When your cat, two and a half months after surgery, sits down and begins to scratch behind his right ear with his missing right leg, and you can see the little nub of muscle wiggling back and forth, and it LOOKS LIKE HE’S ACTUALLY FEELING SOMETHING.  Like, as this is happening, he appears to be content, like he actually thought he was scratching his head.  I don’t know why this was so traumatizing to me hahaha.  In any event, we always try to give extra attention to his right side that he can’t scratch.  This is the first and only time I’ve seen him “scratch” himself, but man.  Again, I was more affected by this than he was, go figure.

Some pictures ahead!  Can I just say–this cat historically avoids anything except Purina chicken and rice.. Only recently we got him to start eating Greenies.  So imagine my surprise as I am eating my birthday cake and he climbs right on up to see what it is.  I let him try out of curiosity, I didn’t think he actually would.  A couple days later I was eating a granola bar, and he got up in my face until I gave him a piece of that.  But cooked chicken?  No way man.

Hates wet food, loves frosting.

Hates wet food, loves frosting.

So, so unamused by me

So, so unamused by me

Very, very comfortable

Very, very comfortable

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  • benny55 says:

    First of all…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!! A d we,along with all your kitties, especially Fredo,are mighty glad you were born!!!

    So Fredo has a sweet tooth, huh? Yeah,I can relate to that!

    Sorry to hear about his puke challenges and I hope all that is behind him now!

    Yoir blog is very informative and will definitely help other kitties on this journey…everybody on this journey! Really glad Alfredo is doing so well!

    These pictures are delightful!! Grabbing a bite of your birthday cake…and bypassing using a fork…PRICELESS! And I love how he’s lounging around so comfortably and has that shining light surrounding him…very artsy!

    CHEERING FOR YOU FREDO!! Keep up the good work…the good updates…the good pictures!

    Sending you love and a good ear scratch!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • Codie Rae says:

    Happy Hippy Hoppy Birthday to you! Fredo looks like he is doing awesome, such a handsome boy! It still makes me sad to see my pups trying to scratch with that missing leg. But thats what we humans are for, right??

    Martha, Codie Rae, and the OP

  • jerry says:

    Hey happy birthday! I’d say Fredo wanted to make sure you had a really good time!

    Thank you so much for sharing the advice about multiple cats in the house during recovery. You BET others will find this helpful.

    Keep on knocking down those chemos, Fredo, you’re amazing!

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