Whiskers no more

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Hey all,

DID YOU KNOW… that whiskers can continue to fall out for several weeks post-chemo?  Haha.. this is my most recent lesson.  My kiddo had his last chemo session on August 19, and for a while he was sporting three whiskers, one on the right, two on the left.  The right whisker has bit the dust though, so he’s just walking around with two whiskers now and a bunch of little tiny ones.

That faaace!

That faaace!

He’s been missing the bed when he tries to jump lately, so I think he’s getting a little gun shy, but I would still say he makes it 80% of the time.  Someone said I should get him some stairs, but I don’t really want to enable him to quit trying.  His back leg must be getting pretty buff.  🙂

This is random, and not at all scientifically-based, but I switched both cats to Blue Buffalo with the thought that maybe better quality food would make for healthier cats.  I don’t think Blue Buffalo prevents cancer or anything, but anything I can do to give them a better life, I will try.  With that said, I did the whole slow transition thing to the new food, but they took to it SO QUICKLY.  Within a week I was able to give them 100% Blue Buffalo, and their appetites are normal.  I was noticing that Fredo wasn’t throwing up as much, but then yesterday morning he tossed his breakfast.. but it is still less frequent.  Pretty happy about that!

Overall, life is a little bit easier now that we’re not traveling to chemo every three weeks.  That November appointment is coming up quick though.. that should be just swell.

Anyway, Happy Friday to you all!

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  • jerry says:

    With or without those wishkers you sure are gorgeous Fredo!

    I would definitely do the stairs. It’s not so much that he shouldn’t try, we all worry about our Tripawds getting fat & lazy, but it’s that you really want to avoid unnecessary joint stress. By the way, speaking of, have you entered our GlycoFlex for cats giveaway yet?


    Oh, as for the Blue Buffallo. Good move! Food can’t prevent cancer, but one less thing we can do to decrease our risk is so helpful. You rock, glad they’re digging it!

    • Jaime says:

      Ahh that’s a good point, I hadn’t looked at it like that. I wonder how he’d take to them, I feel like cats would be a little stubborn about using them??

      I’ll check out the giveaway!

      Pretty excited about the food. The flavor is similar to the ol’ Purina (meaning, it says “chicken and turkey” on both bags, beyond that I can’t really attest to the flavor, ha!) so maybe that helped the transition. I’ve heard so many tough stories about changing cat food that I was never motivated to try. Glad these kiddos made it easy on me.

  • rica55 says:

    Jill’s whiskers STILL fall out sometimes and she is two years since her last chemo!! The oncologist told me they would never be the same “kind” of whiskers like they used to be. They grow back in more brittle each time. BUT. Who cares! She doesn’t seem to mind! I’m glad Fredo is doing well!!

  • benny55 says:

    Fredo! You are handsome no matter what!!

    So glad to hear how well your doing. And not only are you getting yummy food, but now you’re going to jave a “staircase” to help you get up on the bed! Glad Jerry pointed out the need for that.

    Maybe we can jave some video of you using it? Assuming of course, you will use it!!

    Looking forward to your next good update cute boy!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

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