Checking in! 8 months post amputation

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Hello Tripawds & Tripawd owners!

I have nothing terribly significant to report; it has just been a couple of months so I figured it was worth a check-in.

The change to Blue Wilderness food has been amazing but uneventful, aside from a decrease in vomit and hairballs and an increase in shiny, soft kitty fur!!!  Plus, I enjoy the peace of mind that they’re eating well.  Even if the cost is a big ridiculous, but I deal.

Some pictures..

Super duper handsome

Super duper handsome

Amateur selfie-taker

Amateur selfie-taker

Will not pose.

Whiskers for days!

Distinguished and broody

Distinguished and broody

Can we talk about how Fredo’s favorite place to chill is on an extended recliner?  With or without a person, it doesn’t matter.

WHISKER UPDATE!  Omg.  I remember when our oncology vet said that they could grow back backwards or curly or weird.  NOOOPE!  Fredo’s whiskers are back full-force (even more so than the above pictures), and they look great!!

We were not financially able to keep our November appointment.  I guess I’m choosing to have faith in the treatment he received.  In truth, logically I’m not sure what we could treat at a 3-month check up that we couldn’t check at 6 months.  If this makes me a terrible person/pet owner, then that’s how it is I guess.  I’m sure that many tripawd owners have this internal struggle.  Like how much of our resources can we really pour into our animals?  We did what we could to give him the best shot, but that will probably be as far as we can manage, as we are not wealthy people haha.

With that said, he is hopefully going to be able to make it to his appointment in March.  Of course I am probably too psychotic about checking his legs and chest and little body for anything that seems out of place.  I am lucky he has a calm disposition (or friendly is a better word, maybe) and doesn’t mind if I grab his feet and whatnot.  What a guy.  🙂

Wishing happy thoughts to this community!

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  • Michael Lopour says:

    He looks so great. And the change in their fur (dogs or cats) when they get on a higher-protein food is amazing! Ellie’s on a REALLY expensive hypoallergenic food, and her furs are like straw. :-/ They are worth it, and that’s a good call on the appointment I’d say.

  • jerry says:

    Awww it’s GREAT to hear from you! Uneventful or not it always makes our day to see photos of Fredo. By the way did you see his Tripawd Tuesday feature?

    I totally know what you mean about peace of mind when they are eating better quality food. Whenever I buy a bag for Wyatt I say to myself “Well, either pay now or pay later with itchy skin and all that crap that goes along with cheap food.” So far so good, the better food has really paid off for him.

    As for not keeping that last appointment: YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT. Repeat after me: YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT. In fact, say to yourself I AM A GREAT PARENT because you ARE! Do you know how many people woudln’t have even bothered to take the first steps to diagnose? You are among the rare and the exceptional, especially with cat parents, and you ROCK. Don’t focus on the “what ifs” just enjoy what you have NOW. You’ve all earned it!

    • Jaime says:

      Aww I hadn’t seen that feature! How fun. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I think it might take some time before I feel comfortable just living without a threat of new cancer over our heads.

    • Jaime says:

      Also, I just love the changes I’ve seen with the food. It is a financial priority for sure haha. Plus I don’t want to deal with switching them both back. I feel like I got lucky with the easy transition the first time

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