Almost a year (+video!)

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Hey there,

So, March 30th was Fredo’s amputation day last year.  I was just going back and reading some of those entries, from diagnosis to decision to surgery to recovery.  Yuck!  I don’t want to go through that again.  I certainly feel for those who are going through it now.  It gets better!  

Some days I still have a lot of sadness for him, so I try to remember that he’s fine.  I’m pretty sure he’s not wallowing in his depression over the sadness of his missing leg.  In fact, he phantom-scratches almost EVERY day so I’m not even sure he realizes yet.  A year later, ha!  Goofy cat.

He is not a fan.

He is not a fan.

So, I got this scratchy thing to try to help him out with the scratching.  My husband puts me pretty squarely into cat lady territory for this purchase.  BUT SERIOUSLY.. it seems like a no-brainer.  Go scratch the parts you can’t scratch, right?  But Alfredo is not a fan.  He couldn’t even be lured with catnip, his favorite thing in the world.  We set it up at the patio door so that he’d be forced to go through in order to get outside, and he just darted through as quickly as possible, so that wasn’t really effective either.  Cats, man.  They really don’t care about anything they don’t want to care about, haha.

Girly man + sister

Girly man + sister

Little cat’s legs are getting better, I think.  You can still see some fur loss here.  We are in the process of transitioning over to Blue Wilderness Basics.  Apparently the formula I chose before this is very high protein, which I knew, but that can cause an adverse reaction in terms of allergies and whatnot.  SO, we’re trying this.  The cats are super duper resistant to it though.  They eat, but not enough yet.  And I’m transitioning really slowly too.  Again, they do what they want.  If this doesn’t go well though I might have to forego the whole healthy-eating thing and give them the Purina back.

Just a real cute pic.

Just a real cute pic.


And last, check this out.  I haven’t gotten bed stairs yet for the little dude.. I ordered some and then they were back-ordered and blah blah.  It’s on my list!  But check out his skills.. he loves the back of the couch so it’s nice that he’s able to pretty effectively move himself around.

So, all is well in our tripawd world!  Forever grateful for this community for helping to maintain my sanity.  🙂  Happy Tuesday!

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  • otisandtess says:

    Hooray for Fredo!

  • benny55 says:

    HAPPY ONE YEAR AMPUVERSARY FREDO!!! Good job handsome boy!!

    And a high five to your Mom for coming up with that brilliant scratcher! Well, seemingly brilliant from a human standpoint! And then to come up with the creative way to MAKE yiu use it…well, from a human standpoint anyway! 🙂

    Love the video of you mastering jumping up on the back of your couch. Clearly you were giving it a lot of thought first. You are a very special kitty!

    And yiur Sista’ is looking lretty as can be! And your “girly man” position…

    So happy for this great milestone and so happy to see you so happy!

    I think alittle bit of ice cream is in order for this one year celebration! Or at least a can of kitty crack (Friskies)!

    Thanks for the great update and photos!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • midnighter94 says:

    Happy Ampuversary Fredo! You’re looking so great! And yeah, cats will do just what cats want to do lol

  • jerry says:

    Applawse! Applawse! Fredo, watching you jump up onto the back of the couch was the best thing I’ve seen all day. Congrats! You’ve arrived my friend. Hoppy Ampuversary!!!! xoxo

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