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Little man update

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Back again!

Anyone get the new Tripawds calendar and see Alfredo on December 2016?  So handsome!

Anyway, I last wrote about my concerns with Fredo, particularly his weight loss and small appetite and general uneasiness in the house with an excessively barking dog… I made a few changes to hopefully see what we could do for him.  I think ideally, getting out of the house with a dog (this is a temporary situation) would be best for him, BUT until then, I am making sure to have good separation.  The dog tends to sit at closed doors and bark at nothing if she thinks the cats are on the other side.  So, we’re keeping her away from the doors as much as possible.

Secondly!  I gave him some different treats we’d received as a sample, and he ate them like CRAZY.  He’s always been picky with everything, food or treats.  So I was glad to see him eat these.  I thought, maybe he just hates his food.  LOL.  Because of course he’d hate the higher quality so-called “healthy” food.  I went to the pet store and got some chicken and rice flavored kitten food, hoping that it would have more fat and calorie content.

The other day he actually threw up something instead of just dry heaving.. win!

I weighed him yesterday.. 9 pounds!  Win!  He was under 8 pounds last time I checked (and subsequently freaked out).  He’s eating much more consistently and even seems excited when I put the food down.  Trying to keep the little cat (Daphne–who is now the big cat, honestly.. SO FAT) away from the kitten food.

There’s a good question.. how do you figure it out when you have one cat who needs to slim down and one cat who needs to bulk up?  Agh.

Okay bye!  Hopefully Fredo is out of the woods.. as much as a cancer-surviving tripawd can be. 🙂

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Life goes on

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Hey Tripawds,

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!  Our buddy is one year, eight months and 19 days post-amputation.  I know some people are thrilled for even a year of extra time.  I, of course, want 10 more years.  A struggle of tripawd kiddos is that the time is NOT guaranteed.  Our little maniac girl cat Daphne has a significantly less lovable personality (though I still adore her, but I might be the only one) and I’m sure she’ll live 20 years with no health issues.  Fredo, on the other hand, is our catdog who waits at the door for us to get home, always cuddles, and loves his humans… and seems to continuously struggle in one way or another.

First the toe amputation, then the leg bump removal which led to the CT scan and leg amputation, and the subsequent chemotherapy.. then I switched food, then moved them out of state to live with a DOG… now he’s lost significant weight, and this concerns me.

The problem with him is that I don’t know anymore if I’m overly paranoid or if there’s some justification to it.  He’s been hacking up invisible furballs which scares me (meaning blockage, possibly), he doesn’t eat as much as he did, and he’s down to about 8.5lbs (from about 10 post-amputation).

As I mentioned, there is a dog in the house.  Not the kind of dog that eventually chills around cats after a few months, but the kind of dog that aggressively barks when she even thinks to remember that there are cats in the house now (after 7 months!).  Fredo still likes to wander to be around his humans, but he doesn’t have free reign like he did at our old home.  So this makes me wonder….. how much of Fredo’s diet/weight change can be attributed to an increased level of stress/anxiety?  His mood/playfulness around us is generally the same.

Also.  He was always a Purina “chicken and rice” kind of guy.. I switched them to Blue Wilderness Basics.  I wish I knew if he just preferred the taste of the old stuff.. but I don’t know.  I feel that would have enough calorie/fat content to keep his weight consistent.  And it’s supposed to be easier on digestion which to me means that he shouldn’t be having issues with blockage or furballs.  SO.  What to do!!!  He does not like wet food, cat milk formulas, or gravy-type stuff of any kind.  I have managed to get him to eat a LITTLE bit of malt-flavored hairball gel.

The simple answer might be that he’s fine, and I need to calm down.  But I am going to keep an eye on his weight and PROBABLY take him to the vet if it continues to go down.  Poor buddy!