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Back again!

Anyone get the new Tripawds calendar and see Alfredo on December 2016?  So handsome!

Anyway, I last wrote about my concerns with Fredo, particularly his weight loss and small appetite and general uneasiness in the house with an excessively barking dog… I made a few changes to hopefully see what we could do for him.  I think ideally, getting out of the house with a dog (this is a temporary situation) would be best for him, BUT until then, I am making sure to have good separation.  The dog tends to sit at closed doors and bark at nothing if she thinks the cats are on the other side.  So, we’re keeping her away from the doors as much as possible.

Secondly!  I gave him some different treats we’d received as a sample, and he ate them like CRAZY.  He’s always been picky with everything, food or treats.  So I was glad to see him eat these.  I thought, maybe he just hates his food.  LOL.  Because of course he’d hate the higher quality so-called “healthy” food.  I went to the pet store and got some chicken and rice flavored kitten food, hoping that it would have more fat and calorie content.

The other day he actually threw up something instead of just dry heaving.. win!

I weighed him yesterday.. 9 pounds!  Win!  He was under 8 pounds last time I checked (and subsequently freaked out).  He’s eating much more consistently and even seems excited when I put the food down.  Trying to keep the little cat (Daphne–who is now the big cat, honestly.. SO FAT) away from the kitten food.

There’s a good question.. how do you figure it out when you have one cat who needs to slim down and one cat who needs to bulk up?  Agh.

Okay bye!  Hopefully Fredo is out of the woods.. as much as a cancer-surviving tripawd can be. 🙂

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  • purrkins says:

    We got the new tripawds calendar with Alfredo on it:) He is handsome Mr. December;)
    Glad to hear things have turned around and Alfredo gained some weight 🎉
    Not always easy having two kitties and different diets is no fun! Agh is right!
    Fredo stay out of those woods buddy & keep eating your kitty food!
    Hugs, Holy & Purrkins
    Purrkins is Mr. November;)

    • Jaime says:

      So cute Mr. November!!!

      I used to have Fredo’s food on a big cabinet, back when he could jump up to it. 🙂 This is when Daphne actually WAS a kitten, and I was trying to keep him from eating her kitten food (how times have changed!). Now that we’re not living in our own house at the moment, I don’t have a ton of extra spots for food. I’ve never done controlled feeding for them either.. I have a cousin with a cat who wakes them up promptly at 4am to be fed, so I was always trying to avoid that. I do see the benefit of it now with our little chubbs cat! Thank you for the suggestions!! Going to see what changes I can make.

  • otisandtess says:

    You have hit upon a real problem in a multicat household. The only answer is separate feeding stations, individually tailored portions, and removing any extra food after the meal. Not easy, but it can be done. So glad that Fredo is eating again!

    • Jaime says:

      I will have to see what I can do about separate feeding stations. Or at least controlled feeding times. I also think (watch me go cat psychologist here) that because they went from living in our own house to now essentially living in two bedrooms (it’s temporary!), they have less room to roam, and their food is basically in their “lounge” area, where before their food was in the dining room away from where they hung out 99% of the time (as in, they only went to the dining room to eat). I almost think she’s eating more out of boredom or just because the food is so visible to her all the time. Maybe I’m overthinking. Ha!

  • kazann says:

    I agree with separate eating areas. That’s how I feed my cats (Mona eats in the closet). They get the same food but different amounts. I also weigh their food out on a kitchen scale and feed them twice a day. Mona also loves canned kitten food but only got it after her amputation and on Christmas Day.

    When either of my cats try to convince me they need more food I distract them with a toy or brushing and they forget they are “hungry”. Any so called treats are actually kibbles from their weighed portions.

    The vet suspects my male cat still weighs a bit too much because he goes outside for a “snack”. The vet is not concerned about the cat’s weight because he said he can relate since most middle-age males get a little rounder.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  • charliebear says:

    What a wonderful update! So happy to hear about the weight gain!!! My mom’s cat is a neurotically picky eater. And she found out through many ” wasted” cans ( that she put out for the feral cats who now LOVE her house ) that her picky eater loves cheap food. Big cans of Friskies pâté. I mean, really…Fredo looks fantastic!!! Keep your momma on her toes, Fredo!

    • Jaime says:

      I think that is exactly right!!! He LOVES the cheap food and cheap treats, and I’ve never been able to get him to touch wet food. Frustrating! I wonder if he’d like cheap wet food though.. haha. Worth a shot.

  • Nick's Human says:

    Is Fredo microchipped?

    If so, they (unfortunately) aren’t cheap, but this is kind of a cool idea:

    • Jaime says:

      Agh they’re not, but I LOVE this idea. I am hoping to start a job soon where I am working from home primarily.. so I will be DEFINITELY doing timed feedings with them, which I feel is already going to suck because Fredo is SO demanding about his food. We’ll see.

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