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Hi Tripawds community,

WELL.. quick recap.  Fredo had a toe removed due to cancer in 2014, the cancer returned in 2015 resulting in a rear-leg amputation followed by chemo.  This past February, we brought him to the vet because of some breathing issues, thinking/hoping it was asthma.  Annnd of course it wasn’t, because it is always cancer with Fredo.  The vet was wonderful, but she told us optimistically we had about six months with him.  Well, six months is best case scenario.

Fast forward to now, and he has been declining fairly rapidly lately.  For a while it was manageable.. he still wanted to socialize and be around us and cuddle from time to time.  Now he spends 97% of his time in my closet, coming out to eat (which is often thrown back up) and drink and use the bathroom.  He is scarily thin, with little bony knobs all over (ribs, etc).  The other day I got down on the floor for some ear scratches, and I told my husband he just doesn’t have any happiness left in his eyes.  It sounds insane.. but I’m sure other cat people can relate.  Sometimes you just know.

So, I forced my husband to have the difficult discussion with me, and we came to the conclusion to reach out to Lap of Love who does in-home euthanasia.  My husband had wanted Fredo to pass peacefully at home, naturally… I prefer the medical type intervention to eliminate any suffering, since passing peacefully is likely not an option with terminal cancer.  I feel like this is the best compromise.  Now we don’t have to put him in a carrier for an always-stressful car ride to a place that isn’t familiar with him.  It also gives Daphne (little cat) hopefully a chance to better understand what is going on.  They also provide cremation services and paw imprints and yada yada.. so, what I’m trying to say is, this is the decision we’ve made, and I feel good about it.  The time is right.  Well, Friday will be the time, and it will be right.  Maybe it sounds awful, but I think there will be a really good sense of relief along with this decision.

Anyway.  It goes without saying that this website has been immeasurably valuable to me throughout this experience.  I will be back with another update this week, but then I suppose at that point I won’t have a reason to maintain this blog, but I do look forward to seeing the other happy stories of tripawd recovery out there.  🙂

Thanks for reading/listening/caring.

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  • Biscuit and Spirit Daisy says:

    So sorry that you are at this part of your journey. We will be thinking of you in the coming days. Wishing Fredo a safe journey.

    Marla, Biscuit & Spirit Daisy

  • hester says:

    I am so sorry, but I completely understand what you saw in his eyes. And using the immeasurably kind services of Lap of Love will doubtless be the right choice for Fredo, you, your husband and Daphne.

    Sending love and light for a peaceful journey for your dear Fredo.


  • kazann says:

    I’m sorry to hear the cancer appeared to Fredo’s lungs. He sure gave it a good run and only you will know the best time to let him go. I really like your plan to have him pass peacefully at home. My thoughts are with you, Fredo, and your family. Peace to all.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  • benny55 says:

    It breaks my heart to read this. It IS n awfully hard decision to make, but easier when, in a case like this, Fredo can’t be Fredo anymore. Clearly Fredo has let you know he will welcome the release from earth clothes that no longer serve him. And good ess knows, those adorable “earth clothes” of his served him well and served him long!

    We do, indee, understand the “relief” your heart feels knowing Fredo will soon be healthy and whole again. And you are sensing Fredo’s se se of relief too! He KNKWS he will ALWAYS be with you! He KNOWS his Spirit energy is more than just his physical presence. And he KNOWS he has had THE best time any kitty could possibly have with you as his humans by his side!

    You are doing exactly what needs to be done and in the way it needs to be done so Fredo can have a peaceful transition to avoid potential crisis.

    He will be at home surrounded by your love and comfort and the love and co fort of Little Cat Daphne. A d I do think it is important to let Daphne understand that Fredo has moved on. She and Fredo have probably already discussed the many ways he will communicate with her and with you. Somoay attention! He’ll let you know he is fine once he gets to the Bridge. It may take awhike tgough because he will be feasting like a King and too busy running arounx!

    YOU ARE FAMILY!!! And once family, you belong here, okay? My Happy Hannah transitioned three years ago and I’m still here! They can’t get rid of me!

    So just know that many continue to stay and continue to update their blogs with lovely poctures and wonderful memories. And besides, FREDO IS A STORY OF INSPIRATION AND HOPE!! And we will always want to hear .ore avlut Fredo, and Daphne too! A d we KNOW Fredo will bring a other kitty into yiur life who needs loving and spoiling! Yep! He sure will and we want to hear about it

    In the meantime, Fredo is with you NOW and, as hard as it is, let NOTHING rob you of these precious moments.

    Surrounding you with all our love, our strength and a peace in knowing that you’ve always done what is best for Fredo…and you always will!! We are here for you…..and we are with you.

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

    • Jaime says:

      Thank you for all the kind words. Once a tripawd mom, always a tripawd mom. 🙂 I do hope to not have to go through the same kinds of issues with future kiddos.

  • Purrkins says:

    Oh no, I am so sorry to read this! I am glad to hear you found Lap of Love !
    That is a gift for Fredo & for all! I 100% agree there is no peaceful going to sleep naturally with cancer & in the lungs! This will be peaceful for Fredo!
    We will be thinking of you! Give Alfredo a big scoop of cake icing from us please!
    Sending you the biggest of hugs!
    Holly & Purrkins

  • jerry says:

    Jaime, our heart goes out to you, we are saddened that Fredo’s ready to get his wings. You have been a huge part of the community and expanding our knowledge about a kitty’s life on three legs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing Fredo with us.

    It’s a tough time but there is so much beauty and dignity in how he will transition. No animal could ask for more. We will be thinking of you and sending all our love, now and always.

    • Jaime says:

      Thank you!! This community has been truly invaluable to me. I’ll never forget the feeling of helplessness I felt until I found my way here.

  • Gine Oquendo says:

    Hi, I’m crying while reading this, your so lucky to still have 6 months spending time with her. In my case, Zaicy left us unexpectedly, and I don’t want to live also that time. I found a friend in my vet in
    pet hospice dallas she is also optimistically and gave me hope and help me a lot to gave Ziacy a very peaceful burial and she will be in our hearts forever!

    • Jaime says:

      Hi Gina! Thanks for the nice comments. Unfortunately we did end up losing Fredo right after posting this, this past July 2017. We used Lap of Love for in-home euthanasia, and I was very pleased with that decision! Still miss the heck out of him though. The perfect cat.

    • Jaime says:

      So sorry to hear about your loss! We lost another kitty to FIP right after Fredo too.. tough year for pet ownership. Now we have two healthy kitties (knock on wood), and we’re hoping to stay out of the vet except for routine visits!

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